“Hey, I have something to share with you. Did you hear about Caroami? It’s a mobile app that facilitates student interpersonal conflict resolution. It is using AI to help us guide the conversation.”
  • What?! Do you have a problem with me? An issue is bugging me and we need to discuss it. It’s about a comment you made.
  • Why do we need to discuss it on a mobile app? Caroami uses a web/mobile interface that guides our conversations.
  • How does it work? After you download it, I will make a request for a session. You will know more about it when you receive the request.
  • What happens next? We can invite friends to join in the conversation for support. They can also help us guide the dialogue and provide suggestions for possible resolution. We can go on public or private mode.
  • Can we get someone neutral? We can also request a third party neutral, such as a law student or a mediator.
  • Is it free? Yes, Colleges and Universities provide it for their students. Pomona College is beta testing it now.
  • Will my privacy be protected? Yes. We are identified in the conversation screen as Party A and Party B. There is no way to tell who we are unless we provide identifiable information in the conversation.
  • What about the AI? This is something Caraomi is developing. Are you game?!
  • Why Caroami? The ‘Case’ of the Upside-Down Brownie

One night, at the beginning of the semester, my roommate and I were studying when we both reached - simultaneously - to grab the last piece of the delicious brownie we both loved. Upon touching the aluminum container, the brownie flipped over on the air, somersaulted, and to our chagrin, it landed frosting-side on the floor. We were both deflated and mildly amused.

Then, we blamed each other and for days we argued over who was responsible for picking it up and cleaning the floor. One night, we had a brilliant idea: to reorganize the room. We placed my bed over the brownie and regularly cleaned our room carefully avoiding it.

Come to the end of the semester, after avoiding responsibility for the incident, we had to clean up the room. After cracking a few jokes, we decided to cut the brownie in two - with a serrated knife - because it had calcified. After much bantering with friends who had learned about the story of the brownie and were observing our antics, we ceremoniously lifted up our own half of the brownie. It was then we discovered that we damaged the dorm property. The frosting left a huge stain on the perfectly white terrazzo tile. We humbly learned that day that actions have consequences, not all problems were created equal, and sometimes we need a little help from our friends…

Yeah, let’s try it. I’ll download it. TTYL.

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