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  • Caroami Caroami is a platform that uses crowdsourcing, third-party neutrals, and AI to guide difficult conversations and resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Caroami Oftentimes, when we need to ask another person for a favor, we feel intimidated, uneasy, or awkward. It is hard to say something is bothering us. Maybe it was something they said, a broken promise, or a failed expectation.
  • Caroami We fear we will make things worse or lack the ability or confidence to make things work again. We freeze. We stew. We waste precious time. We stress over it. We make ourselves and others miserable while we project our worst fears. We give our loved ones the silent treatment.
  • Caroami You get the picture.
  • Caroami We delay taking action and relationships fester over time. We end up losing friends and loved ones due to inaction.
  • Caroami Until now.